brisk walking is the best way to loose your overall fat. you consume 225 calories when you walk for 30 minutes.

drinking hot water for whole day will automatically reduce your weight of 3 kg in 1 month.

drinking cinnamon tea every night after your meal before going to bed will melt your belly fat and make you lean. in some text

doing squats 4 days a week will reduce your body fat and will tone your body in good shape.

having green tea after every meal will give a boost to your fat loss process.

black coffe thrice a day will also trigger the way youare losing your adipose tissue. but take care as it increases the hunger and you need to control that appetite to have a proper weight loss.

he best way to weight loss is to control your portion size and eat many time to increase your metabolic rate.

ayurveda can help you loose weight with maintaining glow of your skin. so, try ayurvedic diet recipes as well.

doing sun salutation 15 times in starting can help you maintain your weight.

over thinking can create hindrance in your weight loss ideas. so, think less and do more for your increasing weight.

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