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Can housewives loose weight at home

Can housewives loose weight at home.This is a question that comes in every housewives’s mind when they come to think about loosing weight.i would absolutely positive for this because yes,, it is 100 % possible for women at home to loose their inches and weight as well and shape up their inner well being.Are u all housewives seriously ready for loosing your extra pounds. Isn this article we will discuss specially about our beautiful home makers to shape up their body in the exact way they want. here i am using the statement “in the exact way they want” because our kitchen where our beautiful women spends most of their time is actually full of weight loss agents. so, its rather easy for them to loose their extra fats in the way they want.lets see how can this target be achieved..

can housewives loose weight at home
Overweight woman . Healthy food, weight loss, dieting and nutrition concept

How can housewives loose weight at home

Weight loss is achieved by adopting a lifestyle in which fewer calories are consumed than are expended. In order for weight loss to be permanent, changes in diet and lifestyle must be permanent as well. Weight loss actually refers to a reduction of the total body mass by a mean loss of fluid, body fat i.e. adipose tissue or lean mass namely bone mineral deposits, muscle, tendon, and other connective tissues. Weight loss in women who are overweight or obese can reduce health risks, increase fitness, and may delay the onset of diabetes. It could reduce pain and increase movement in people with osteoartharitis of the knee. Weight loss can lead to a reduction in hypertension and hypotension (high blood pressure and low blood pressure), however whether this reduces hypertension-related harm is unclear.

Table of Contents

30 tips for housewives for weight loss:

1. Increase your water intake( specially hot water)

Women, If you really want the water you drink to help you lose weight, you should follow the “8×8” rule recommended by most nutritionists. Drink at least eight eight-ounce glasses of water per day for weight loss and to maintain an ideal weight. You might need to drink more water if you do a lot house chores or sweat heavily, or less water if you drink other beverages like herbal tea. yupp, water is good but if u want instant weight loss then start drinking hot water inspite of normal water and ladies you know you will get hot water in your lovely kitchen itself where you spend most of your time.. you will be happy with the results. don’t forget to say thanks….


2.Eat a lot of fibre in your food

So let’s see how housewives can loose weight at home including fibre in her diet.A fibre has several benefits, including helping with weight loss. While fibre is a carbohydrate, it is not easily digestible. It adds bulk to satisfy your feeling of fullness after a meal while not boosting your blood sugar or adding calories. Also, fibrous foods often need chewing, which is another factor that leads to feeling satisfied from eating.

Fibres in food

3.Exercise properly every day in continuation

This might be some difficult task but ladies, Exercise can help you achieve beautiful body by burning off some extra calories. When losing weight, more physical activity increases the number of calories your body uses for energy or “burns off.” The burning of calories through physical activity, combined with reducing the number of calories you eat, creates a “calorie deficit” that results in inches loss and weight loss.To add, if you feel lazy to do much physical things then you can do yoga which is not very tiring and gives you physical cum mental relaxation. but not to get tired during yoga you will have to choose one that doesn’t let you get involved in physical exercises, rather you can choose breathing yoga like “kapalbhati” or “head shining” pranayama. doing this for 15 minutes every day can melt your fat like the butter you use in your kitchen ladies… so keep saying me thanks for this suggestion.

overweight young woman doing exercise

4. Have a tight sleep for your good physic:

getting quality sleep is an important part of weight management along with eating right and exercising. most of the dietician always says that” your body is what you eat”. but darlings, i would love to add in this statement that your body is also how better you sleep.Poor sleep dramatically alters the way the body responds to food. For starters, your appetite increases and you are less likely to resist temptations and control, ladies at good night please sleep tight..

5. leave your mental stress behind :

mental stress is something that will automatically make you chubby . stress stops release of good hormones in our body and lead to slow metabolism. this results in accumulation of adipose tissues in our, let the stress go of your life to achieve a beautiful life.

6. Make use of proper oil to prepare your food :

The best cooking oil for weight loss is ghee(clarified butter) or olive oil. Both have a high smoking point (the temperature at which it smokes) which makes them ideal for cooking.

7. Take as much as fruits and vegetables :

mushrooms, lettuce, red cabbage, spinach, cucumbers, tomatoes, a bowl of Buddha on a dark background, top view. Delicious balanced nutrition concept

The water and fibre in fruits and vegetables will add volume to your dishes, so you can eat the same amount of food with fewer calories. Most fruits and vegetables are naturally low in fat and calories and are filling.

8.Do yoga to make your day alive and beautiful :

women doing yoga in fresh air

Doing yoga for weight loss will promote poses that will help burn fat, build muscle tone, and give you more flexibility.If this is also getting tough for you then you can start with the deep breathing exercises ,like “kapal bhati” or head shinning pranayam can melt your belly fat like butter. so relax and start this easiest way of losing your inches.

9.Try low calories diet :

Following this can be effective, but it requires a lot of discipline in order for it to work and be safe. Ideally, you should seek help from a nutritionist or doctor so that you don’t restrict your calories too much or miss out on essential nutrients. Following a low-calorie diet typically means consuming 1000 to 1500 calories per day. This creates a calorie deficit that can lead to weight loss.

10. low carb food helps you loose your extra pounds :

Carbohydrate reduction seems to work on the appetite in multiple ways, such as by altering levels of hormones that regulate your body’s hunger and satiety signal.

11.Pilates workout loose weight and enhance your beauty :

pilates workout

Pilates doesn’t only tone your muscles. If you do the right moves, it’s also a great way to burn calories.and burning extra calories will automatically make you beautiful.

12.Move to your kitchen for vitamin C :

Vitamin C has been widely regarded as essential to everyone’s nutrition for years now, especially sailors who were the victims of scurvy and a host of other diseases linked to the lack of fruit and vegetables that were available to them.but you must know the benefits of vitamin c in shedding your weight. just one lemon in lukewarm water along with one tea spoon of honey on empty stomach can do wonders in your weight loss journey.with my personal experience it loses up to 2 inches in one month. so, let this small step makes you bright and beautiful.

13.Do surya namaskar to shed your overall weight :

Doing one round of Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) burns approximately 13.90 calories. You can start by doing 5 sets of it initially and then increase it up to 108 with time. The number of calories that Surya Namaskar burns in 10 sets versus calories burnt by other 30 minutes workouts is almost the same if done with right posture. so skip the gym and start doing this rigorous yoga at home ladies.

14. Enjoy green tea to increase your metabolism:

Green tea contains caffeine and a type of flavonoid called catechin, which is an antioxidants. both of these compounds can speed up metabolism. Catechin can help to break down excess fat, while both catechin and caffeine can increase the amount of energy the body uses.

15. Black coffee will help achieve your goal :

black coffee

Black coffee contains chlorogenic acid, which helps to slow down glucose production in your body. This means that if you drink black coffee after a meal, then your body will produce less glucose, as well as fat cells. Black coffee also contains antioxidants, which help in the increasing your metabolism that in turns increases weight loss process.

16. Protein intake helps loose fat :

Protein can help you lose weight and belly fat, and it works via several different mechanisms. A high protein intake boosts metabolism, reduces appetite and changes several weight-regulating hormones.

17. Never do crash dieting :

Crash diet may help you lose those extra pounds in time for that week on the cost of your health, the results are generally short-lived and can ultimately have a negative impact on your body and mind.

18. Can follow some of the specific diet regime :

Weight loss goals are best reached by eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly. However, if looking to lose weight quickly, there are somethings which claim to give quick results, and one diet suggests slimmers can shift up to 10 lb in one keto diet, paleo diet, atkins diet. Etc: This is how it works.

19. Acupressures can help you loose weight :

acupressure tool

Acupressure has been used for centuries to treat a myriad of illnesses, relax the body, and provide relief for aches and pains. An interesting discovery has also found acupressure to be highly beneficial in boosting metabolism in the body and helping people remain fit and active. Acupressure is an ancient Chinese wellness treatment that is very similar to acupuncture. This system of wellness makes use of different target points around the body, to which pressure is to be applied. Simply put, acupressure is acupuncture without the needles.

20. Essential oil massage will have good effect on your belly fat :

essential oils for body massage

The therapeutic benefits and healing properties of essential oils have been known for centuries.You may already be aware that essential oils can do wonders for stress and anxiety and although there is no replacement for a healthy diet and daily exercise to help shake the weight off, staying motivated to keep that weight off is no doubt psychological.So whether you fight constant cravings, sugary foods, fatigue and low moods or struggle with poor digestion, sluggish metabolism and emotional eating, incorporating essential oils as a part of your weight loss program can be the missing link that drives you to maintain your weight loss goals.

21. weight loss drinks is of great help in shedding some pounds :

herbal tea a cup of herbal tea with lemon and cinnamon sticks and tea leaves

weight loss drinks like ginger tea, vegetable juice, protein shakes, ginger tea, apple cider vinegar water, turmeric tea, ajwain (carom seeds)water, cinnamon water… and many more drinks are available in our home kitchen that helps us loose our weight. so, this is also one way and the answer to” can housewife can loose weight at home”.

22. Walking is the father of all weight loss tricks :

best and easiest way to loose your body fat is brisk walking. At a brisk walking pace, you would burn 100 to 300 calories in 30 minutes(depending on your weight) or or 200 -500 calories in an hour. By walking for 30 minutes or more at a time, some of those calories will be from stored fat.During the first 30 minutes of exercise, your body is burning sugars stored as fuel. These are used up after about 30 minutes. To keep going, your body releases fat from your fat cells and burns it for fuel. This stored fat is exactly what you want to lose, and it’s a good reason to build up your walking endurance so you can walk for more than 30 minutes at a time.

23. Drink detox water to improve your body :

There are many detox water recipes that can be very helpful to keep you light and refreshing. like,Cucumber Detox Water, Apple And Cinnamon Detox Water ,Grapefruit Detox Water, Lemon And Mint Detox Water, Orange Detox Water. you can see recipes online or ask your mommy on how to prepare.

24. Portions control can help you ahead:

The simple truth is that weight loss efforts can easily be undermined by large portion sizes. It’s easy to end up with more than you realize on your plate. Irrespective of the type of diet you are on, identifying the correct portion size allows you to know exactly how many calories, carbs, sodium, or fats you’re eating. This knowledge is the cornerstone of building good eating habits, which will increase your chances of achieving your health goals.

25. Chew your food 30-32 time each bite :

we should try to eat slow by chewing it several times. you actually need to chew your food 30 -32 times before swallowing it. This can help you to have the feeling of fullness that reduce calorie intake and lose weight. In fact, several studies have found that people with weight problems tend to chew their food less than normal-weight people do.

26. Lukewarm water early morning empty stomach can do magic :

lukewarm water

Starting your day with a glass of warm water cleanses the digestive system, and improves your metabolism.The custom of drinking water as the first thing in the morning is backed both in Ayurveda and in Japanese culture. Ayurveda strongly encourages to drink two cups of clean, lukewarm water to preserve energy throughout the day.Make sure the water is lukewarm, and not hot to shock your system. There can’t be a worst start to your day than a burnt tongue. You can follow your first warm glass your water with cold water through the day. You can also add some citrus flavour such as lemon or sweeten it with honey to get your dose of antioxidants if the plain taste begins to bore you.

27. Drink water in a specific pattern before and after your meal to loose your weight :

Because water is an appetite suppressant, drinking it before meals can make you feel fuller, therefore reducing the amount of food you eat. drinking water before meals results in an average reduction in intake of 75 calories per meal. Drinking water before just one meal per day would cause you to ingest 27,000 fewer calories per year. Do the math: You’d lose about eight pounds per year just from drinking water! Now imagine if you drank it before each meal. Our copper bottle is a great way to make sure you are getting the right amount of water with benefits of copper in it ,before a meal.

28.having smoothies for weight loss :

strawberry smoothie

(low calorie smoothies in the breakfast can be very useful for weight loss.morning smoothies for weight loss is something to satisfy every craving from a hearty breakfast that satisfies to a pie-inspired dessert. Smoothies in breakfast should contain the perfect blend of muscle-building protein, satiating fats, and digestion-aiding fibre for a balanced morning meal.Packed with essential nutrients that keep your body nourished all morning, smoothies are possibly the perfect breakfast for weight loss.

29. Cut 100% of sugar for sure weight loss :

say NO to sugar

The sugar that you eat in your diet affects the amount of sugar in your bloodstream. one of the most reliable ways to lose weight is by following a low sugar diet. Though a teaspoon of sugar contains only 16 calories, but the intake increases as sugar is present in many foods and drinks that we eat every day.

30. Eat on regular interval to ensure weight loss :

“Eating at regular intervals doesn’t means one has to eat every two hours but eat whenever your body asks for food. Start your day with a good breakfast, followed by lunch and a light dinner. do not skip your meals if you want to lose weight. But the portions need to be controlled. No matter how much you exercise or go on unhealthy crash diets, chances are you won’t lose weight consistently from just these changes. Losing weight doesn’t require any starvation or over-exercising. It just needs good alternatives to the usual junk food that you are eating. With just a few changes in your diet, you can lose extra pounds from your over all weight..

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