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best yoga nidra meditation (psychic sleep)

best yoga nidra meditation (psychic sleep)

The best yoga nidra meditation (psychic sleep) is one that we often pursue under the guidance of yoga gurus.Yoga nidra meditation ( psychic sleep)also called yogic sleep is a major technique for stress relief. It is a stage of consciousness between sleeping and waking, such as “going-to-sleep” state, which is induced by meditation. The history of yoga nidra is as old as yoga itself, yoga nidra was first mentioned in the great upnishads( indian traditional books).

In this asana the object is to imitate a corpse.once life has departed ,the body remains still and no movements are remaining motionless for sometime and keeping the minds still while you are fully conscious, you learn to relax.this conscious relaxation invigorates and refreshes both body and mind.but it is much harder to keep the mind still than the body. therefore, this apparently easy posture is one of the most difficult to master.

yoga nidra meditation (psychic sleep) improves your overall health. A research showed that practicing yoga nidra meditation improves anxiety, depression, and overall well-being of also improves conditions of women experiencing menstrual irregularities and psychological problems.

benefits of yoga nidra meditation

Benefits of best yoga nidra meditation ( psychic sleep)

  • Yoga nidra (psychic sleep)helps us to get mental peace and keeps all the stress away from us.
  • It helps us connect to our sub conscious mind and our inner selves.
  • It is an antidote to stresses of modern civilisation that creates strain on nerves.
  • It Improves our Sleep and reduces Insomnia as lack of sleep contributes to lot of other stresses.
  • Detach us from our thoughts and releases pressure in many aspects.
  • It is a power nap which rejuvenates us at physical and mental level.

A POWER NAP BEYOND SLEEPING(Is yoga nidra more effective than sleep?)

yoga nidra works as wonders when done on the yoga mat . According to Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar , “meditation yoga nidra is an important part of yoga is to include yoga nidra at the end of any asana sequence because the body and mind need the time to assimilate the effects of the asanas to higher levels.” yoga nidra helps the body to cool down and restores its normal temperature.Yoga warms the body and relaxes the body.

relaxation is simply very necessary after doing every asanas to bring the body back to its normal state and yoga nindra helps us to achieve that relaxed state physically and mentally. When we practice yoga nidra,higher levels of consciousness bringing energy level certainly increases in our body. Yogic sleep preserves and unified this energy, which relaxes our body and mind. It is very important for us to keep time for yog nindra after yoga and the sun salutation as it also prepares our body for pranayams and meditation.


yoga in peaceful and clean environment
  • Try not to eat or drink anything before doing yog nidra meditation.
  • The stomach needs to be light to be in comfortable state while doing yog nidra meditation.
  • We should choose a peaceful, clean and calm place where we do yoga as it provides calmness to our eyes and soul.
  • You can keep a blanket to avoid any feeling of cold after practicing yoga nidra meditation.


  • The starting step of yog nindra is deciding an intentions for which you are doing it since it has powerful potential for healing our mind and soul.
  • Lie flat on your back full length like a corpse. keep your hands a little away from your thighs with palms facing the sky to most comfortable stage.
  • close the eyes.if possible place a black cloth folded four times over the eyes.keep your heels together ad the toes apart.
  • To start with breathe deeply.later the breathing should be fine and slow, with no jerky movements to disturb the spine and the body.
  • concentrae on deep and fine exhalations, in which the nostrils do not feel the warmth of the breath
  • The lower jaw should hang loose and not be clenched. the tongue should not be disturbed, and even the pupils of eyes should be kept completely passive.
  • Relax your full body and release your stress, breathe out slowly.
  • if the mind wanders, pause without any strain after each slow exhalation.
  • stay in this stage for 15 – 20 minutes.
  • Breathe in and the breathe out .
  • one is apt to fall asleep in the beginning. gradually when the nerves becomes passive,one feels completely relax and refreshed.

In good relaxation one feels energy flow from the back of the head towards the heels and the other way round. one also feels as if the body is elongated.

  • Now, get prepare to return to original conscious state of your mind and body.
  • Breathe deeply as you are aware of the subconscious mind inside you, gradually start moving your fingers, and open your eyes.
  • The chanting of “shanti path” and “om” before opening your eyes plays an important role in providing absolute relaxation to your mind , body and soul.
  • make sure that there is no time limitation for doing yoga nidra, please be comfortable and get yourself relaxed.. because this is how it works…

Is it OK to fall asleep during yoga nidra?

Yes it is perfectly fine to sleep during yoga nidra as it provides you the divine sleep.

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