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Try these 7 ayurvedic soup recipes for nutrition and weight loss.

ayurvedic soups recipes

Nutrition is part of our life. these ayurvedic soup recipes will energize you through out. COCO-PEANUT SOUP coconut milk has a cooling effect on the body and also cleanses the bladder. Though it takes longer to digest, it is very nourishing and strengthening. This dish helps with PMS and menstrual problems. INGREDIENTS METHOD Put the … Read more

Try these 5 ayurvedic smoothie recipes to satisfy your hunger

ayurvedic smoothie recipes

Lets discuss 5 tastier ayurvedic smoothie recipes that enhances your energy every day… BETEL LEAVES COOLER AS per the ancient books of Ayurveda—Charaka Samhita, sushruta Samhita and Kashyapa Bhojanakalpa—the practice of chewing betel leaf after meals became common between 75—300 AD. It has many curative properties and is also used as a stimulant, an antiseptic … Read more

These 7 chia seeds pudding recipes will make your appearance special and evergreen.

7 chia seeds pudding recipes

Chia seed pudding is a versatile and nutritious breakfast or snack option. Here are 7 chia seeds pudding recipes to try: 1. Classic Vanilla Chia Seed Pudding: Ingredients: Instructions: 2. Chocolate Banana Chia Seed Pudding: (you are reading 7 chia seeds pudding recipes) Ingredients: Instructions: you may also like: 3. Berry Bliss Chia Seed Pudding: … Read more

Recipe of sweet wheat daliya

wheat daliya recipe

Wheat Daliya is one of the most preferred diets considering weight loss and this recipe of sweet wheat daliya is very easy to prepare. it also helps to gain strength in various other illnesses as it is a major source of carbohydrates and fibers. Lets see its main Ingredients: Instructions:( for recipe of sweet wheat … Read more