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Try these 5 ayurvedic smoothie recipes to satisfy your hunger

ayurvedic smoothie recipes

Lets discuss 5 tastier ayurvedic smoothie recipes that enhances your energy every day… BETEL LEAVES COOLER AS per the ancient books of Ayurveda—Charaka Samhita, sushruta Samhita and Kashyapa Bhojanakalpa—the practice of chewing betel leaf after meals became common between 75—300 AD. It has many curative properties and is also used as a stimulant, an antiseptic … Read more

Can housewives loose weight at home

healthy menu recipes

Can housewives loose weight at home.This is a question that comes in every housewives’s mind when they come to think about loosing weight.i would absolutely positive for this because yes,, it is 100 % possible for women at home to loose their inches and weight as well and shape up their inner well being.Are u … Read more