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What do the 12 houses of birth chart say about you?

lets discuss effects of 12 houses of birth chart .as we all know that birth chart is very valuable thing for people of india. we also know that what is our birth chart all about but some of us don’t know that actually what do the 12 houses of birth chart say in reality. as the effects of birth chart varies from person to person because different planets plays different role according to different sun signs in every individual’s life.let’s see what do these houses say about you.

1st House ( in 12 houses of birth chart)

1st house is represented by aries who has lordship of Mars.This house represents self. this gives us idea of our thought process, our health, our personality and who we are from within and outside.causative planet of this house is sun.this means that where ever the sun is located in your birth chart, by reading the condition of sun we can predict its effects on 1st house.

2nd House

2nd house in birth chart is considered very important as it is the house of money and respect. this house is represented by taurus whose lord is Venus. This house also represents your family and family relations.this house is also responsible for luxuries in your life. the causative planet of this house is jupiter as it connets to wealth and honour and respect of an individual.

3rd house

3rd house in your birth chart is the house of hard work and communication. this house is responsible for your efforts pays in marketing, finance, online business, and social media. this house also says how responsible an individual is and how much effort he pays towards his work to gain success. this house is ruled by Gemini who has lordship of Mars. but the causative planet of this house is Mercury.

4th House ( in 12 houses of birth chart)

4th house in the birth chart is related to the mother. This also denotes the family atmosphere,
inherited property, and property-related work compatibility in your life. fourth house is ruled by cancer whose lord is the moon. and the moon is also the causative planet of this house. so, the effects of the moon in this house are very positive. this house also represents inner mental peace. negative planets can disturb our inner peace if any exists here.

5th House

5th house represents children, our education, and our past life. Fifth House is basically responsible for all the questions related to Children. In the meantime, it also deals with other things like higher education, love affairs, temperament, the birth of children, pregnancy, etc. This house is ruled by Leo and the lordship belongs to The sun whereas, the causative planet is also shows your romantic life and illegitimate relationship.

6th House

simple and straight way to explain the 6th house is disease, enemy and debt.The 6th house is known as the house of debts and diseases and enemy. As per the rule, any benefic planet in this house becomes weak and a malefic planet negates the negativity of this house. it is one of the 3 Trishadaayaa house and can show you to several obstacles like unemployment, bankruptcy and court cases.

7th House

Seventh House in Astrology is also known as the “House of Marriage and Partnership”. It represents moral, immoral, legal, or illegal relationships. it indicates how you are balancing your personal (family) and professional life. The influence of planets at the 7th house predicts the willingness, commitment, possessiveness, and passion that one puts into the matrimony. The seventh house gives important indications about your purpose for marriage. It may be for love, selfish motive, money, or others. This house is ruled by libra who is under the lordship of venus but the causative planet for this house is Venus and mercury both.

8th House

8th house in astrology is often called the house of death. don’t worry it won’t take you to that until your planets combination in this house speaks don’t be scared of 8th house , its just a warning.8th house show how much one is involved in SPIRITUALITY and How much time one devotes to spiritualism. it is ruled by scorpio whose lord is mars but causative planet is saturn and thats what makes this house scary..

9th House

9th house in astrology is often called as house of luck, wisdom, and fortune. it is also the house that represents your relationship with your father. this also determines your higher education and foreign travels.presence of benefic planets here will lead you to properity. and divine help. this is ruled by sagitarius whose lord is jupiter and same is the causative planet of this house.

10th House

the tenth house determines our earnings and how we earn it.This house in our Kundli determines our materialistic success in life, be it proffessional or the financial status. And one’s worldly success is bound to influence the other areas of life as well like your relationship with others, your love life and so on. Certainly, the planetary placement in this house strongly effects the quality of your life.

11th House

11th house in our natal chart represents our friendship and social activities but it is mainly present as a profit house in our natal chart. Which determines our wealth, respect and profit. It also measures our desires to do something. The ruling planet of this house is Saturn because the zodiac sign is Aquarius, but the causative planet is Jupiter.

12th House

This house is called Vyaya Bhava of our birth chart and is also known as the house of moksha or detachment. this house determines the misery, waste, expenses, divine knowledge, and meditation. this house is governed by Pisces whose lord is Saturn and same is the causative planet of this house.

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