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FRESH AMLA:31 Amazing Health benefits(Indian gooseberry)

Fresh amla

Names in Different Language AMLA OR INDIAN GOOSEBERRY Scientific Name Emblica officinalis Gaertn. surname Euphorbiaceae english Indian gooseberry, Emblic myrobalan sanskrit Amalaki, Dhatri, Shiva hindi Amla Gujrati Amla Marathi Amlakati, amla Bengali Angla, Amalki Telugu Asrikaya, Ushirikai Kannad Nillikay, Nellie Dravidian Nellikkaya, Amrit Phala, Vayastha Arabic Amlan Introduction Amla is found everywhere in India in … Read more

Why does hair turn gray?10 reasons

why does hair turn gray?

why does hair turn gray? Many humans consider their hair and its colour as one of their beauty assets. when we age, our hair turns grey or white, which is an essential part of growing old as we loose our melanine formation in our body. Now a days, the greying phenomenon has gradually become common … Read more