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FRESH AMLA:31 Amazing Health benefits(Indian gooseberry)

Names in Different Language

Scientific NameEmblica officinalis Gaertn.
englishIndian gooseberry, Emblic myrobalan
sanskritAmalaki, Dhatri, Shiva
MarathiAmlakati, amla
BengaliAngla, Amalki
TeluguAsrikaya, Ushirikai
KannadNillikay, Nellie
DravidianNellikkaya, Amrit Phala, Vayastha
Arabic Amlan


Amla is found everywhere in India in gardens and forests. It also occurs up to an altitude of 4,500 feet above sea level. The fruits of Fresh amla grown in gardens are large and those of wild amla are small. The leaves of its tree are like tamarind tree but its leaves are slightly bigger and are called Shatpatra. Fresh Amla is the best among chemicals. Due to its consumption, old age is not able to exert its effect on humans. That is why in Ayurveda it has been called Amrit Phal and Dhatri Phal etc.


Amla tree is medium sized and 20-25 feet tall. Its scandal is crooked and thick up to 5-9 feet. Its bark is greenish
grey, thin and leaves flakes. The petioles are elongated, leafy, oblong, arranged like tamarind leaves. The flower stalk is
long, in which small, yellow colored flowers are engaged in bunches. Fresh amla Fruits are spherical, half to one inch in diameter, pulpy, yellowish green and turn red when ripe. There are six lines on the fruits. There is a hexagonal seed inside the fruit. It starts flowering in February-May and ends in October. Fruits are available till April.

Chemical composition

Vitamin ‘C’ is found in abundance in Amla fruit. It contains Vitamin ‘C’ 20 times more than orange juice. Gallic acid,
tannic acid, extract, sugar, albumin, cellulose and calcium are found in Indian gooseberry. The components found exact per 100 grams in the pulp and juice of the fruit are as follows:

  • Water content – 81.2 mg,
  • protein – 0.5 mg,
  • fat – 0.1 mg
  • phosphorus – 0.02 mg,
  • calcium – 0.05 mg,
  • iron – 1.2 mg
  • nicotinic acid – 0.2 mg.
  • Tannin – 28% in fruit,
  • Tannin – 21% in branch skin,
  • Tannin – 8.9% in stem bark
  • Tannin – 22% in Leaves
  • Oil – 16%


Fresh Amla fruit
  • Fresh Amla is blood Purifier and flavoring.
  • FreshAmla destroys diseases like diarrhoea, aonorrhea, burnina, kamala, extreme acidity, rakta pitta, vata rakta, arsh, bandha koshtha, indigestion, anorexia, breathlessness, cough etc.
  • Fresh Amla Sharpens vision. Strengthens semen. and prolongs life.
  • It is leprous, antipyretic and chemical.
  • It strengthens the heart and restores it.
  • Amla is cough & bile destroyer, It gradually destroys leprosy with consistent use.
  • Amla, Harad, Pippali destroys all types of fevers.
  • Amla is a little sweet, bitter, astringent, bitter juice is beneficial for the eyes, Tridoshanashak, Taurus, Venus enhancer.

Medicinal use of Fresh amla

Eye Disease :

  • Boil 20-50 grams of Amla fruits in half a kilogram of water for two hours, filter that water and put it in the eyes thrice a day, it is very beneficial in eye diseases.
  • The fluid that comes out when we make oval shaped hole in Amla tree is very beneficial for swelled eyes.By applying it around the outside of the eye, the swelling of the eyes ends.
  • Drinking Amla juice Empty stomach can treat many disease, like maintain eye sight, helps in digestion, reduces acidity, helps in hair growth, provides glowing skin.
  • Crush 7 grams of gooseberry and soak it in cold water. After two-three hours squeeze those gooseberries and throw them away and then soak other gooseberries in that water. After two-three hours squeeze them too and throw them away. After doing this three to four times that water Should be put in the eyes. This removes puffiness of the eyes.


  • Mixing 10 grams sugar and 1 teaspoon honey in it, using it again and again cures hiccough and respiratory diseases.
  • Consuming 10-20 grams juice of Amla and 2-3 grams powder of Peepal with 2 spoons of honey twice a day is beneficial in hiccups.
  • mixing 4 grams juice of drumstick leaves and 250 milligrams sendha salt together destroys new abhishyand.
  • In hiccups and vomiting, giving 10-20 ml juice of gooseberry mixed with 5-10 grams of sugar candy provides relief. This can be given two to three times a day.
  • During Hiccups and Vomiting,10-15 grams of powder can also be given with water.
  • In tridosha-generated pain, Grind gooseberry and grapes together, mix 40 grams of sugar, 40 grams of honey and 160 grams of water and filter the mixture through cotton cloth or a fine sieve.Now drinking this mixture will reduce your pain.
  • Mixing 1 teaspoon honey and 10 grams white sandalwood powder in 20 grams swaras of gooseberry stops vomiting and Acidity .
  • 2 gm Powder of Pippali, 2 gm powder of Amla, 2 gm powder Dry ginger 2. Taking fresh Indian gooseberry with 1-2 pieces of sugar candy or taking 25 grams of swaras with honey in the morning and evening, the complaints of hiccups go away.

Kesh kalp (Amla For Hair)

Amla kernels.
  • Soak 30 grams of dried gooseberry, 10 grams of Baheda, 50 grams of mango kernel and 10 grams of iron powder in a pan overnight. By applying it regularly on the hair, the white hair at a young age turns black in a few days.
  • By making a decoction of Fresh Amla, Reetha, Shikakai and washing the head, the hair becomes soft, thick and long.
  • Brahmi & Fresh Amla hair oil is also good for hair.
  • Grinding the marrow of mango kernel and mango kernel together and applying it on the head produces strong long hair.


  • Grinding jamun, mango and gooseberry with kanji etc. and applying it on the head stops the flow of blood the nostrils in an amazing way.


  • Difference of voice: Mixing parsley, turmeric, amla, yavakshar, chitrak in equal quantity and licking 1 to 2 grams of powder with 2 spoons of honey and 1 spoon of ghee ends hoarseness.
  • By making a paste of Fresh Amla leaves with fenugreek seeds and giving 10 to 20 grams of it twice a day can cures hoarseness.
  • Bile Issues : Soaking 10 grams of Indian gooseberry seeds in water overnight and grinding them in cow’S milk the next day and giving it with 250 grams of cow’s milk provides relief in excess bile.
  • Fresh Amla is rich in vitamin C which helps For prevention of weakness and jaundice. take gooseberry in the morning and evening by making a paste with honey.
  • Constipation: Amla fruit powder is used in the form of Triphala powder in liver enlargement, headache, constipation, piles and indigestion. Quantity 3 to 6 grams with water thrice a day.
  • Constipation is cured by taking 3-6 yarns Triphala powder with lukewarm water before going for bed time.
  • Blood diarrhoea: If there is excessive bleeding due to diarrhoea. mix 10-20 grams of amla juice with 10 grams of
    honey and 5 grams of ghee and drink 100 grams of it with goat’s milk thrice a day.
  • Hematoma: Take Fresh Amla, Harad, Baheda, Nagarmotha, Daru-Haldi, Deodaru in equal quantity. make a decoction of them and give 10-20 grams to the patient in the morning .
  • Pitta dosha: Take 50 grams of Indian gooseberry, giloy, neem bark, parval leaf in equal parts, soak it in half a kilo of water for 12 hours and then cook it, when the quarter is left. mix it with 2 spoons of Honey and consume it three times a day. By doing this pitta dosha is destroyed.
  • Juice of gooseberry, nectar honey, cow’s ghee and mixing all these substances with each other destroys pitta dosha and eye diseases caused by blood disorders. It also cures blackness, diseases arising in the retina.
  • Diarrhoea: Consuming one ripe banana, 10 grams Of gooseberry juice, 4 grams of honey, 250 grams of milk, destroys diarrhoea.
  • Blood leucorrhoea: Mix one gram cumin powder in 20 yarns amla swaras and consume it twice a day. In the absence of fresh gooseberries, soak 20 grams of dry powder overnight and consume it in the morning and filter it in the morning and consume it at night.
  • Consuming Indian gooseberry patiently gives special relief in bleeding due to cholecystitis.
  • Leucorrhoea: Grind 20-30 grams of Indian qooseberry seeds with water, filter the water add 2 it. Mixing sugar candy and giving it is beneficial in leucorrhoea.
  • Leprosy: Make fine powder of Fresh Amla and neem leaves, take 2 to 6 grams Or 10 grams daily in the morning with honey. There is quick benefit even in severe leprosy.

Disclaimer: This knowledge is being provided to you on the basis of researches done from various books on Ayurveda. please consult the doctor before applying any of these strategy.

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