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These 7 chia seeds pudding recipes will make your appearance special and evergreen.

7 chia seeds pudding recipes

Chia seed pudding is a versatile and nutritious breakfast or snack option. Here are 7 chia seeds pudding recipes to try: 1. Classic Vanilla Chia Seed Pudding: Ingredients: Instructions: 2. Chocolate Banana Chia Seed Pudding: (you are reading 7 chia seeds pudding recipes) Ingredients: Instructions: you may also like: 3. Berry Bliss Chia Seed Pudding: … Read more

Recipe of sweet wheat daliya

wheat daliya recipe

Wheat Daliya is one of the most preferred diets considering weight loss and this recipe of sweet wheat daliya is very easy to prepare. it also helps to gain strength in various other illnesses as it is a major source of carbohydrates and fibers. Lets see its main Ingredients: Instructions:( for recipe of sweet wheat … Read more

Try these 2 irresistible recipe for Paneer Ke Parathe (Indian cottage cheese stuffed flatbread) for serious weight loss.

paneer ke parathe

our recipe for paneer ke parathe is a celebration of flavors, tradition, and culinary artistry. Here, we’ve mastered the art of creating parathas that are not only delicious but also have the potential to bring families together over a delightful meal. Whether you’re a seasoned cook or a novice in the kitchen, our step-by-step guide … Read more

Start your day with these 9 ayurvedic breakfast recipes that keeps you young forever

corn and vegetable roll, ayurvedic breakfast recipe

To guarantee that the food is prepared in a way that promotes balance and good health, ayurvedic breakfast recipes is designed in such a way that it brings you immense nutritive quality.preparing Ayurvedic food requires adhering to specific principles and rules. A balanced diet is crucial to preserving general health, according to the traditional Indian … Read more

“Step into Comfort with Our 2 Veg Khichdi Recipe: A Simple and Tasty Meal for Any Occasion!”

veg khichdi

“Easy and Satisfying Veg Khichdi Recipe: A Balanced Vegetarian Dish for Your Daily Meals!” This dish is comfort food for all age groups and, this veg khichdi recipe according to Ayurveda medicine, it is a cleansing and detoxifying dish. It is anti-inflammatory and also feeds good gut bacteria. INGREDIENTS मूंगदाल की खिचड़ी (VEG KHICHDI RECIPE)सामग्री … Read more

This weight loss recipe of rasam will give you serious result in 2 weeks: must try

rasam soup

This special recipe of rasam or saaru is very popular in India. It stimulates digestion and enhances appetite. It helps expel ama toxins from the body.lets see how it effects our ayurvedic tastes of life: Ingredients used in recipe of rasam Method of preparation(recipe of rasam) Recipe of Rasam in Hindi ( sattvic style also … Read more

2 best ways to prepare semolina dhokla recipe for weight loss.must try

semolina dhokla recipe for weight loss

Semolina dhokla recipe for weight loss is some thing that every one wants to know who is looking forward to loose some extra pounds.lets see how it is done here in 2 different ways. Ingredients: For Tempering: Instructions: Enjoy your homemade Semolina Dhokla as a delicious snack or appetizer! Note: Dhokla is often served with … Read more

Corn And Vegetables Roll: Ayurvedic Breakfast Recipes in Hindi

corn and vegetable roll, ayurvedic breakfast recipe

Here’s an Ayurvedic breakfast recipes for corn and vegetable rolls, a delicious and healthy snack option: CORN AND VEGETABLES ROLL Ingredients: Instructions: Note: You can customize the recipe by adding or substituting vegetables according to your preference. Additionally, you can also add spices or herbs of your choice to enhance the flavour. if you want … Read more